Live connection from a distance

Changes in the ordinary way of doing things are not always easy and pleasant. Still, when situations close one door, God opens another one. As many know, we could not hold the Challenge camp this year, due to the social and economic shock caused by Covid-19. We understood that we must look for new ways to reach people who long to hear the word of God and be in a Christian fellowship. Prayers, seeking and several different ideas led to the seminar „On the wings“ that we held from 29 June to 1 July on the Zoom platform. During this time, we listened to lectures on different topics and discussed what we’d just heard.

How did we do? As this was our first time, we think that we did better than expected. Feedback from our participants says the same.

„In this seminar, I liked the opportunity to communicate with people I know, without whom summer really isn’t what it should be. Being in the camp around this time of the summer every year is already a part of the rhythm of my life.“ (Druvis Rencis)

„I saw and could talk to some people I haven’t seen in a long time, and got some insights to think about from the lectures.“ (Līga Liepiņa)

„The seminar gave me a chance to hear other people’s thoughts and experience on topics important for Christians. I also improved my skills and gained experience in web communication (first experience with the Zoom platform).“ (Edgars Brīvulis)

„Such small groups (in fellowship from a distance) and discussions really help me grow as a Christian, because it’s possible to share thoughts and experiences in faith with other Christians…“ (Iveta Rozīte-Brīvule)

„From this seminar, I got very good information on depression as a disease. Also, I found affirmation once again that, as people, we are all different, but at the same time, the Lord God needs us all.“ (Ilze Beņķe)

„I liked the feeling of fellowship in this seminar, especially during the discussion time.“ (Vita Bitte)

Of course, we hope that in the coming years, the Challenge camp can happen again. However, it’s clear that Zoom and other platforms for distanced communication are not only for times of pandemics and quarantines. The advantages of those platforms are much appreciated by people who can’t attend church services, Bible studies and small groups because of a disability, weakness from old age or other reasons. It’s true that it can never replace meeting physically, but it’s still better than nothing.

Whatever the times might be like, let’s stay upon the wings!

More photos are here.