Get involved

If you feel or know for sure that God calls you to involve in ministry for people with disabilities, you are welcomed to contact us by writing or calling.

Maybe you already know that you want to support us with prayers, donations, or as a volunteer in Wings for Wheels camps or other events. Maybe you have some good ideas of what kind of support or help you can offer to our ministry. Maybe you have felt a desire for some time to start doing something to make your church friendlier for people with disabilities, but you have lacked encouragement, or knowledge what to start with and how to do it. We’d gladly share experience.

By the way, you can write us also if you just cannot understand why such a ministry for disabled people is needed, after all, and what is Christian’s responsibility about this.

Maybe your church already has a ministry that cares particularly for people affected by disabilities, or families having a disabled child. Please, tell us about it!