I am giving you my peace…

A year ago, we were hoping to be able to meet in person this year. However, the Wings for Wheels friends’ meeting on December 4 took place on the Zoom platform also this year. Of course, this was not quite comparable to the festive banquets held in the restaurant “Kliversala” in previous years, but in terms of content, it was no worse. Times and lives change, but God’s eternal purpose and work are constantly pervading everything. We really wanted to see our longtime friends and ministry partners, even if just online, to find out how they were doing and what God had done in their lives over the past year.

This time, we had 15 people gathered in our online circle of friends, about half of whom were the loyal members of W4W discussion groups. Dace Bluma, the pastor of Kuldiga Pentecostal Church, shared an encouraging message, drawing on the word of God from Proverbs 4:20-24. We must be vigilant so as not to be influenced by “crooked speech and deceit,” and constantly fill our hearts with the words of God, “for they are life to those who find them and health to their whole being”. There was also a time of praise and worship, led by Valdis Dvorovs. In the concluding part, everyone briefly shared the highlights of the past year. It was a real joy to hear how God guides, protects, and blesses, and how He shows us His faithfulness and mercy in our circumstances.

We’re looking forward to the future with the hope that one day the restrictions will end and we will be able to meet in person. But in doing so, let us strive to remain in the peace of God and be peacemakers in a world divided by unrest and strife!