People affected by disability are the largest and the least covered mission field, and it needs a lot of workers. That’s why Wings for Wheels ministry has a section we call a network. The networking implies popularization of the W4W vision through social networks, media, various public events etc. We tell about our ministry and invite to become our ministry partners. Maybe not everyone feels they can engage in full-time ministry, but there are still other no less important ways how to support us.

It is impossible to accomplish Wings for Wheels ministry without:

1) intercessors;

2) volunteers;

3) financial contributors.

We very much appreciate the team of our faithful intercessors and regularly inform them about W4W prayer needs. Prayer is the basic foundation of fulfilling God’s calling.

We have also a great number of faithful and longtime volunteers who join us for camps and other events.

And finally, financial supporters – churches and individuals, both in Latvia and abroad, who have contributed in W4W ministry for almost 10 years so that we can organize camps, print informative resources, do workshops, etc.

God’s vision is really great. To realize future projects, we will need even more supporters in the three mentioned areas, and not only in them.