Individual work/Counseling

Individuala tiksana

Not always, and not all people with mobile disabilities, particularly wheelchair users, are able to attend our activities. It is due to both inaccessible environment (steps, stairs, luck of ramps and elevators), and, in some cases, luck of adapted vehicle or an assistant. We try to reach the people limited by these, and may be still other circumstances, by visiting them in their places – homes or social care centers.

It doesn’t take much to visit a person regularly once in a week or two weeks; the main thing you need is willingness and pre-scheduled time. It is a unique opportunity to get to know a person and his world closer. It is a good chance to become a friend to somebody who feels lonely. It is a chance to become an open window in somebody’s gray wall of drab everyday life. It is a way you can become a helper to somebody weary of the limits caused by disability (they can be the persons with disability themselves or their relatives daily taking care of them). Most of all, it is a great opportunity to show God’s love and care to people who are still not aware of it or would like to experience it in reality, after all, not in nice words only.